Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Stash!

My stitching buddy, March, and I went stash shopping today. First we met for breakfast with her friend Karen and then we hit the road for Scarlet Thread in Vienna (Virginia). We got there right at 10am when they are suppose to open. We waited a few minutes in the car and then went in. The "Closed" sign was still up. Soooo, we went and sat in the car again. We waited until 10:30. Went back in, "Closed" sign still up; tried door, it's locked. Okay, so we say "let's run down to Needlewoman East". After all it's just a couple exits down 66. We get there and find that Sue has sold the shop to Elizabeth and there is one(!) rack of cross stitch and that is all. OMG! It used to be the best LNS and now it has almost nothing but needlepoint. Don't get me wrong, that's great of npers, but not for us xsers. I did get the small magnifier while there. Only paid $21 for it. Everywhere I've looked, online and off, it has been $25, so I feel like I got a good price. We asked them if they had a phone book so we could look up Scarlet's number and call them. They had the number and said they had just seen her last night. Maybe she stayed out too late last night. Well, we called and she was there. She even laughed when March asked if she was open! So, back down 66 to Vienna. We spent money! I got 2 out of 3 of the new Nora's (they were out of A) and all the CC for B. I also got the 2 JBWs as they were having the trunk show and 15% off of them. They are very cute. March got some of them and a Long Dog. I'm not sure what else she got. Oh, and I got some English needles to try. We then went back to March's and stitched for a few hours. I finished page 4 of FoS. WooHoo! I'll post a picture tomorrow. Stay cool!

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Sandra said...

I had a stashy day today too!!! Just bright up the day, doesn't it? lol

You got great items! Enjoy!