Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Day of 2017

I have finished three big projects this year. HAED's The Astronomer by Myles Pinkney, the Linens and Threads 2017 Mystery, and I just put the finishing touches into Mirabilia's The Raven Queen. Tomorrow I will start figuring out what I want to start for 2018. I know of at least one HAED, a Chatelaine, and a few Mira's I want to start. Now onto the picture show.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

OMG! It's Finished

After many long years I have finished The Astronomer. I went back thru my blog here and near as I can tell I started it in 2009. At the time I was doing a rotation between it and two other HAEDs. Then I put it down for a few years and stitched a lot of other designers. I picked it up again about two or three years ago and stitched more steadily on it. What really helped it that I joined the HAED Facebook group and did the challenges they ran for a while. One of the challenges was to do what is called cross country stitching. Bazinga! I found I was able to do a page or more each month. Also I was shown EZpdf for the iPad. What a great tool. You can search for the symbol you want to stitch, enlarge the pattern on the screen as big as needed, and highlight your stitches. Okay, enough gabbing. On to the pictures!

The completed piece

Close up of the telescope
Close up of the Astronomer Wizard

The very end
Now to figure out what to stitch next. 

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sad Day

I just read on Facebook that Martina Rosenburg of Chatelaine Designs suddenly passed away. The stitching community has lost one of it's most incredible artists. I found myself crying as I read many of the posts. I have enjoyed stitching Martina's designs. In tribute here are several WIPs and my finish of the Celtic Mystery.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Twice in one month

Wow, I'm making a second post in the same month! I finished a page on The Astronomer. I have a little bit more to do and I will be completely done. I am shooting for the end of this year to finish it. Wish me luck.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Has it been that long?????

Wow! I can't believe that much time has passed. Well, I have been busy stitching. I have kept up with the Linens and Threads Mystery Sampler. Here it is up to November.

Close up

I am almost done on this page of The Astronomer. After it I only have 3 more pages to go and then it is done. 

This is a little pattern that I travel with. I take it to work and stitch on it during my lunch time. I really love how it is turning out.

So that is it. This is what has been keeping me busy. I'll try to post more often.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Finishes of a Sort

They are not complete finishes, but I have finished the June row for the Mystery SAL. I love the bees a lot.

I not only have a page finish on The Astronomer, but a row finish also. I only have one more row and it will be completed. I feel like the end is in sight.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

The End of May

Well I finished the May band in the SAL and then worked on The Raven Queen for the rest of the month. I have to say I had a real hard time with this band. Picking which colors to use where and once I decided I found that part of it looked like a one eyed alien robot.

I quite a bit done on RQ. For June I will work on the Astronomer after I finish the June band.

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