Thursday, July 24, 2008

More FoS

I've been working on page 7 of FoS. I have 2 columns done. That equals a quarter of the page. I was going to keep stitching on this until the end of the month, but Martina released part 8 of MXI early because she is going on holiday. I'm also going to my oldest sister's in Roanoke this weekend for our dad's 85th birthday. My middle sister & I are driving down tomorrow and coming back on Monday. We're leaving the hubbies here. Sister bonding time! So I won't get much stitching done this weekend. I'm also going to miss the Peruvian Freedom celebration at work on Monday. All that homemade food and I won't get any. Wah! Oh well, my dad is worth it and more. Talk to you all next week.


Vonna said...

Hi Jan~ Just following up with your question...nope the backsplash was not hard. You can cut it was a mack knife and it is put up with liquid nails. Easy and it does look so nice :) We got ours at Menards. But Lowe's carries it as well.
Good Luck if you decide to do yours!
Now to add you to my reader....I recognize the header pictures as being from Cross Stitching and Country Crafts mags...nice!

tkdchick said...

The detail in your piece is wonderful!

Angela said...

Jan, this is so gorgeous! I love watching your progress.

Glenna said...

I'll have to tell my sister about the farmers market in Kingstown--she lives in Burke.

Lovely progress--I'd be overwhelmed.

MarchAnn58 said...

Looking wonderful Jan, you are doing such a great job on this even with all the blues and greens.