Thursday, September 11, 2008

September SAL

It's time for the HAED SAL! YAY! This will really get me started on my stitching again. Here is where I'm starting. I have two columns of page 9 done. I hope to get most of this page done this weekend. As I posted earlier, I'm going over to March's to stitch this weekend after we have breakfast. I'm getting really stoked. Can't wait for Saturday.

DH saw the President yesterday. He works at the State Dept. When he came out of the building a police officer blew his whistle and yelled at him "Sir, Sir, stop walking!" He said he looked around and everyone was standing still and not moving. The officer yelled at several others after him. A few minutes later the motorcade passed and ole George W was waving from his limo. Apparently you're not even allowed to walk down the street until he goes by. This is what happens when you work in D.C.

They unveiled the 9-11 Memorial at the Pentagon today. It's 184 benches, each one with the name of a person who died that day. It's different but has a certain elegance to it. I'll have to go up some time to see it up close.

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