Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I had hoped to get part 2 done over the long weekend, but those darn little leaves took me forever. So I am still working on the jessica stitches. Here is where I am now.

Hopefully I can get this part done this week.

I'm still waiting for my kit for Deep Blue Sea to come. I've dyed my material and it's all ready to go. Well, back to stitching. More jessicas to do.

By the way, thanks for all the wonderful comments about my Thirteen Colonies.


Ranae said...

wow! It's looking great

MarchAnn58 said...

It's wonderful Jan, the design is just beautiful and your work is excellent as always

Minnie said...

Another beauty. I want to stitch like you when I grow up.

Susan said...

Beautiful! I often have that problem with Martina's pattterns - it never looks as involved as it really is and takes me hours longer than I expect. It's well worth the effort though.

Rachel said...

It looks beautiful!! So far, I have enjoyed the Jessica stitches the most on this piece! They were so fun, and it was my first time doing them. :)

Looking forward to seeing your Deep Blue Sea! I am waiting for my treasure braids to arrive before I can finish part 1.

Joysze said...