Saturday, June 30, 2012

After the storm

Yesterday we hit 103 degrees. It was hot hot hot! Then about 10:30 last night the storm came through. I have never seen wind like that. It looked like a tornado was outside our front door. Eighty mile an hour winds. There are 1.2 million people in our area without electricity; almost 500,000 in Northern VA alone. We were really lucky we didn't lose power. There are trees down everywhere. I went to our LNS to sign up for the Lock In later this month and in one place half of the six lane highway was closed because a tree was across it.

Now on to to the fun stuff. While down at In Stitches I picked up the new Mirabilia pattern "Dressmaker's Daughter". I love it. I also went ahead and got the called for fabric - 32 ct chocolate - and the Waterlilies (thanks Patricia for helping me decide!)
Don't know when I'll start it, but it really called to me.

Well, everybody try to stay cool.

Thanks for stopping by.


Rowyn said...

Boy, that is hot! Sounds like your weather has been a bit wild.

Love your new stash - Mirabilia's are always so pretty.

Susan said...

That was some wild weather wasn't it? First time I've ever been spooked by "just" a thunderstorm (and as I"m sitting here typing I can hear another storm coming). Glad you're okay.

Very pretty new stash. Looking forward to seeing your progress on it.

Annie said...

Partial power here. Some lights, but no refrigerator. I see a lot throwing away bad food in my future. But in any case, if the power has to be out, I'm happier that it's in summer rather than winter.

I love that new Mirabilia design. Hope you make time for it soon. It's too pretty to just sit there.

MarchAnn58 said...

Your heat is a lot higher than mine here in Florida, we are just in the low 90's.
Love your new purchase and the material looks yummy.

Glenna said...

That was some scary weather! We are fortunate to have power also. Love your new Mirabilia!

Zlata said...

Great new stash! I really want to see your start!

Csák Györgyi Krisztina said...

I'm so in love with that pattern, I cannot wait to see your progress on it! Have fun stitching!