Thursday, August 2, 2012

August WIPocalypse

Well, I do not have much to show this month. I worked on The Astronomer for a few days, Shakespeare's Fairies for about a week, and then started something new last week. Sadly I am lacking in motivation right now.

The Astronomer - Before

The Astronomer - After
Shakespeare's Fairies - Before (the picture is upside down and blogger will not let me flip it!)

Shakespeare's Fairies - After
Lizzie Kate - Mystery Sampler Club Part 1
The Lizzie Kate is the new start. I love anything Halloween and couldn't resist it. I just need to buckle down this weekend and get part one done.

Thanks for stopping by!


Daffycat said...

Gee, Jan...I think that is great progress on all the projects. Awesome new start too! I love Halloween designs!

tadamama said...

I think you made a ton of progress! Well done!

Kielrain said...

Very nice projects. I think you made nice progress too.

robindefender said...

IF this is you unmotivated, you must get a ton done when you are motivated! Seriously, everything looks really pretty. I'm really looking forward to seeing other people stitch the Lizzie Kate piece so I can see what the whole thing looks like!

Shannon said...

They all look great! I'm waiting for the LK to come in the mail so I can start mine too. :)

MarchAnn said...

Hey you added the Lize Kate, cool can't wait to see it. The other ones look great too and you all know we have slump's it will be over soon.

Annie said...

My goodness.. that's a lot of stitching for an un-motivated woman! Everything looks so good. Maybe the heat makes you feel un-motivated, but really, I think you've conquered that!