Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crazy & a Happy Dance

This past week, starting Labor Day weekend, my LNS was having it's 17th anniversary sale. 17% off everything. So I went stash crazy. First up is what I bought last Saturday.

Just Nan's Spider Moon and the fabric is for it; Rosewood Manor Halloween Quilt Sampler; PSP Garden of Eerie; Mirabilia September Sapphire Fairy

Then Stitch Night resumed the first Wednesday of September and I added a couple more.
Mirabilia August Peridot Fairy; AAN Pomo

That wasn't bad enough except a few weeks ago I ordered these for Stitching Bits & Bobs
The first 4 in the series of Mirabilia's 12 Days of Christmas

I also ordered some fabulous fabric from PTP
So as you can see, I went quite insane LOL! I need to join Stashaholics Anonymous.

Now on to the HAPPY DANCE! I finished Very Scary last night. Please excuse the picture. I really need to press the piece but I wanted to get it posted this morning. I think I want to make it into a bell pull, but I need to practice my sewing skills some more before I attempt that.
I did make one change in part three. I used the Honeysuckle for the moon instead of the Guacamole. I wanted it to be more yellow.
So there you have my very long post stitch fans.
Thanks for stopping by.


MarchAnn said...

Wow Miss Jan you did great with all the stash, just think of the money you saved not what you spent. :-)

Great piece for your happy dance.
Bet you had fun at stitch night, I miss all the ladies, haven't really found a stitching click I like here yet.

Pull the other thread said...
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Pull the other thread said...

Great stash. Also a wonderful finish, well done.

Tania said...

That's a great stash! Enjoy it.

Glenna said...

Wow--great stash! I love the finish--what fun! Missed you all on Wednesday; it was a long, long day in airports, so I was wiped out and just went home. See you next one if you're there!

Annie said...

Fabulous finish! I love that piece.

Looks like you'll have plenty to keep you busy for a while. Beautiful patterns and fabric.

Beth Pearce said...

Great stash enhancement! I love, love, lover your Very Scary! I have it in my stash, but I haven't even started it yet - waiting on my fabric.

Minnie said...

You really did go wild with all of the new stash. Look forward to seeing some progress on at new start. I will get Bud to do a little two step in celebration of finish.

Tazzy said...

Wow! What a stash! *grins* A few of those I think I may put down for my own stashing needs.

And wonderful finish! It looks *lovely*!!!

Maureen said...

Oh - such lovely purchases, you did good!

Great finish on the Very Scary - been loving watching this come to life.

Marcy said...

Great finish!

Wow ... great stash! You did good!