Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stitching with friends

We had our Stitch and Bitch today at my house. Minnie, Sharliena, and I met for breakfast at Denny's then up to my house for a day of stitching. Minnie is working on a biscornu which you will probably see over on her blog All XXs when she finishes it. Sharliena worked on Minnie Mouse. Helen joined us around lunchtime. She's been stitching a little Lizzie Kate. I received the traveling pattern Life's A Stitch by Lizzie Kate from Daffycat on Thursday. I started it today and just finished. It is a very quick stitch. I used WDW 30 ct. Sky. Since it is blue and the letters a blue also, so I substituted a gold (DMC 728). I also didn't have the 3341 so I used some CC Lavender Louise.  I think it came out quite nicely.

So now it's ready to travel on. If you are interested in being the next recipient of this pattern, leave a comment here and I will draw the name on Wednesday 11/21.

Thanks for stopping by!


Daffycat said...

Looks awesome, Jan! I love the blue fabric so much!

Cath said...

Lovely finish . I'd love to be entered . Thanks xxx

MarchAnn said...

Jan Love the fabric and would love to be in the drawing.
Thanks for letting me join you all via Skype on Saturday it was great to see you three.
Happy Holidays.

Susan said...

Lovely finish. The changes are perfect and what a fast stitch.

Minnie said...

"Life's A Stitch" looks great Jan and I really enjoyed the stitching yesterday. Skyping with MarchAnn was really fun too.