Tuesday, March 12, 2013


You know if I didn't read other blogs I would never know what day to post for TUSAL. So here is my offering. I need to clean it out and start a fresh one for next month.

This past Saturday my sister Lynn and I went to the Needlework show at Woodlawn. There were many beautiful pieces entered though it seemed much smaller than past years. There was some really nice stumpwork and I have to say I was tempted to learn a new needlework but I keep saying I really do not need to add another hobby.

Afterwards we went to In Stitches and I spent waaaayy too much money on new stash that they brought from market. Here's a picture of what I purchased.
Garden of Skulls by Prairie Moon, Old Windmill Village from GPA, Kell's Kritters from Long Dog, A Bee C from Lizzie Kate, Siren and the Shipwreck from Mirabilia, Love from LHN, and My Stitching Bag from Shepherd's Bush.
I am such a stashaholic.

Thanks for stopping by.


Annie said...

Every year I say I'm going to Woodlawn. And every year as the traffic gets worse, I never make it!

Drooling over your new stash though!

MarchAnn said...

Woo Hoo great stash Jan, you made some good choices.

Bernadett Rauski said...

What nice goodies.:)

Ranae said...

Wonderful new stash
I love that scull garden

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely new stash!!

Keebles said...

I SO wish I had access to shows and fairs! Price of living in hick-ville!

Emma/Itzy said...

Great stashing ;)

Astrids dragon said...

Darn, I didn't make it to Woodlawn this time, too much going on. Great stash and I love the mermaid!