Friday, August 9, 2013

Weird stuff happens in our back yard

Several months ago we found a headless muskrat in our back yard. We figured a hawk had grabbed it and dropped it in our yard while flying overhead. The DH buried it. A week later the hole was dug up and it was gone. So, headless zombie muskrat was on the loose.

Yesterday I found this in the far back of our yard.
I do not think a hawk left this. Our neighbor says there is a coyote in our neighborhood. The DH thinks maybe it dug this up and dragged it to our yard. But why our yard?! Why does the weird crap end up here?

On the good side, hubby finished this for me.
I can sit out in the yard in comfort now. Of course I need to wait for cooler weather to really enjoy it. He's going to build me a footstool and table to go with it. Yeah!

Thanks for stopping by.


Glenna said...

Hah! Cue the song, "Muskrat Love." Love your blue chair. Hubby's a keeper. The skull fragment is sort of fascinating. I wonder what it was.

Annie said...

Coyotes? Aren't they a western thing? Maybe you have a ghost.

Mii Stitch said...

How weird!! It's not Halloween yet!! :D Love the chair :)

Melanie said...

Eeeee. Gruesome.

Minnie said...

Now that you have the beautiful chair do you want to sit outside with the phantom Coyote?