Saturday, January 3, 2015

Playing with a Christmas Gift

Several years ago my DH got me a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. It has been my pride and joy since then. On my Amazon wish list I had the pasta cutter set. My wonderful in-laws got me the set for Christmas. I was planning on playing with it last weekend but the plague put a dent in that idea. So this weekend was it. OMG! I love it and now here is the picture show.
The dough in waiting. This was the hardest part of the whole operation.
I had to add twice the amount of water. I suppose because it is so dry in the winter.

The roller attachment close up

The mixer with the roller attachment (ignore the messy countertop)

The dough after it has been rolled out in all the settings

More fettuccini than I know what to do with
Next weekend will be the spaghetti experiment. You get two different cutters in the set I got. I plan on making chicken carbonaro tonight. Now I have to go clean up  the kitchen.

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Shebafudge said...

Have fun with your pasta maker. I bet it will taste much nicer than shop bought!

tweezle said...

OOOOHHH! That looks like a wonderful attachment. I have the hand crank type pasta maker I inherited from my grandmother. This looks so much easier :) Have fun with it!

Melanie said...