Saturday, May 24, 2008


The parental units left this morning and I have my house back! I love my mom and dad, but at the age of 84 they can drive me batty. My dad has no short term memory (triple by pass ruined it) so he tells me the same thing 3 0r 4 times and you just have to act like it's the first time you heard it. My DH Sam is really good at listening to my dad. That's why he has the favorite son-in-law spot right now (out of 3 son- in-laws). So I was doing a little stitching in between cleaning my house before the arrived on Thursday, and then I stitched a whole bunch today. I'm about half way thru page 4. I went shopping to Michaels for floss today. I had a 25% off my total order coupon, so I picked up floss for another HAED piece. When you're buying more than 90 flosses, it really saves to use the coupon. I got over $9.00 off. Not bad. Tomorrow Scarlet Thread is having a 15% off sale, so I'm going shopping there. Oh, and I bought a new TV Friday when I was out shopping with my mom and sister. The old one blinks in and out every few seconds. It's very irritating. So we went to BestBuy and I got a Samsung 37 inch LCD HDTV. The picture is beautiful. It is being delivered Wednesday. I can't wait! I had a coupon for that also. My DH is a Reward Zone member, so I got 12% off. That put the price below $1000. I'm having it delivered because they have this recycling deal where they will take away the old one (which weighs a ton). All in all not a bad deal.

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