Sunday, October 5, 2008

Post Stitch & Bitch

As I have mentioned before, March and I are both stitching LHN's Home of the Needleworker Too together. I finished the window frames yesterday and got most of the door done. I like these little patterns. They are so cute.

After a couple of hours we switched to our BAPS. I worked on MXI as I'm trying to get caught up. I got two trees past the middle done on part 8. I really want to get part 8 and 9 done before the HAED SAL next weekend. Of course I woke up this morning feeling like I'm getting a cold. So I've dosed up. Hopefully I won't feel too drugged up to stitch some today.


vEr0n!c@ said...

I love visiting your blog. There's always lovely stitching to be seen. Great progress on both Home of A Needleworker Too! and MXI.

Angela said...

Great progress on both! I too love to see your stitching.