Sunday, October 26, 2008

Work is sucking the life out of me!

I haven't made it home from work before 9:30 pm for almost three weeks and I've worked a couple of the weekends also. I haven't touched a needle in all that time. They put in a new payroll system and it doesn't work the way it suppose to, so, someone (guess who) has to input everyone's hours by hand. There are five of us doing this, but with thousands of employees, it takes a little while. The first week was the worst because the managers made a lot of errors on the time sheets and we had to correct those. It's getting better as they get more familiar with the new pay codes and such, but still, it would be nice if it worked like it was suppose to. Supposedly, the mangers are suppose to fill out excel spreadsheet and email it in, then that gets downloaded to the system. The problem is the managers made so many changes to the sheets that the system rejected them. The big wigs from the software company are coming this week, so maybe we'll get to voice our concerns (nice way of saying we get to bitch at them). On top of all that, I have bronchitis. That just sucks.
Now onto the fun stuff. Since I've been working so hard, I've gotten quite a bit of OT. You know what that means? NEW STASH! Two things happened. My oldest sister came up from Roanoke this weekend and The Scarlet Thread is having a 25% off sale because they are moving to a new location (less stuff to move if you sell it) So my two sisters and I had to go out there and help them out, right? So without further ado, here is the pic:
I also have the nicest hubbie. When I got home Thursday night, there was a $50 Michaels gift card sitting on my laptop. He got it for me since I've been working so hard. I spent that bad boy Saturday morning. I bought all the floss for a new HAED that I want to start some time soon, a floss box, bobbins, needles, various Halloween ribbon, and the cutest little bag. Here it is:The color is actually a little darker than this. And yes, the check out person at Michaels put all the floss in it. It's just so cute. I think I'm going to keep my scissors, highlighters, extra needle, etc. it it.
Now, I have a bag of Sugarfree Tootsie Roll Midgees and my cross stitching. I am ready to go. Have a great day everybody!


Glenna said...

Ooooo--nice stash. I was at Scarlet Thread on Thursday am (she was technically closed for a stitching session, but I muscled my way in accidentally (I just followed some ladies up the stairs, figuring she hadn't changed the sign), and helped her out so she wouldn't need to move stuff. I got a few nice things I've been wanting. Then the next day I went to In Stitches and got more. Yikes. By the way, I don't know if you go frequently to ST, but I'm so disappointed that it's moving to Great Falls, even though I'm glad for her that she's getting more space and what sounds like a nice location (even if you have to live in Reston to enjoy it....)

Annie said...

I've never been to Scarlet Thread. Either location sounds farther than I ever feel like going. If Michaels'a & AC Moore don't have what I want, I go online.

But you got some wonderful new things from both places. Sorry work is such a drag right now... I'm a software developer so I know how hard it is to implement a new system.

Hope you get some time to play with your new toys.

Angela said...

Sorry to hear you have been working so hard and haven't had time to stitch. Your new stash is a bonus though!

Daffycat said...

Working so hard you deserve new stash! That's a great stitching bag!