Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update Finally!

Yes, I am finally updating. March and I stitched last weekend and I actually put a little in FoS. So, here it is:I also stitch a couple hours on LHN's HoN2. This is the piece March and I are stitching together. We start the day stitching on it, then switch to whatever else we want to work on later.

The lighting isn't so great, but this is a sweet little piece.
I've also been stitching on MXI. I'm just about out of one of the colors I'm using as a substitute. It is Six Strand Sweets Green Tea Ice Cream. I checked with their website and contacted one of the sites listed. Laurel's Stitchery had some SSS listed but not that color. I emailed Laurel and she found one for me and put it up on her site so I could buy it. All within 24 hours. Now that is service. I'll go there again, that's for sure.


Daffycat said...

Aww, it would be fun to have a stitching friend!

Great news about your thread!

Annie said...

I didn't realize how far along you were on that piece. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel on that one now.

It's nice to have a private SAL with a friend. That's so great that you found the thread. Did you hear that SSS is re-opening under the original owner?