Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday Stitching

Went over to March's Saturday and had our monthly Stitch n Bitch. We both got quite a lot done on LHN HoN2. We figure by the month of March we should be done with the house and ready to move onto other parts of the pattern. I really love these LHNs.

After lunch we went to InStitches and bought some more stash. I got Peppermint Twist by Blue Ribbon Designs along with all the Week Dye Works threads and Just Nan's Autumn in the Square. Just what I need, more patterns! LOL.

In the evening I worked on Contemplating the System.I finally got to put in more that just black. There are about four or five browns and a couple maroons in there. Today it will be back to more black. Argh!


Ginnie said...

your LNH house is looking lovely... very impressed at your patience with the black stitching... will be all worth the effort in the end!

Daffycat said...

The LHN looks really good! Don't we all need new patterns? Great stash!

I'm always impressed with the HAEDs...looks great with some bit of color!

Angela said...

The LHN looks really nice, I love them too :) Great new stash, the Peppermint Twist is on my wishes for later in the year! Those HAED's look like a TON of work but masterpiece's when they are finished.

Rachel said...

your wips look wonderful. Contemplating the System is an item on my want list - cant wait for more updates on this project.

Vonna said...

Your HoaNW2 is looking great!
Hurray for your new purchase..I have peppermint twist and love it!
Contemplating looks very it a HAED?

Vonna said...

Jan -
I'm stitching Peppermint Twist with DMC and honestly...I like mine better than what the pictures of the overdyes and silks look :)

Glenna said...

Bummer on having to work on Tues. I'm sure you know the back roads through Alex, as I do. (I used to live in Springfield and work in Alexandria), but so does everyone else in N. Virginia. May all those people stay home! And I really cannot fathom why they would shut everything down at the Beltway instead of farther up.