Thursday, October 7, 2010

By command

Ellen from In Stitches commanded me to make a new post, so here it is. We had a great time at the Stitch In last night. Everyone was stitching on so many different projects and of course, there was fabulous food. Debra made Paula Dean's Ooey Gooey cake and boy was it good. I did figure out that what I stitched last night, I have to take out because it's WRONG! So, I'll show a picture of my stash enhancement from last night instead.

I bought JBW Scardey Cats and fibers for it, another Tacky Bob, BRD Blessed Beyond Measure, SP Sampler Roundy, and NN 2010 Hardanger book. Some great stash there huh?

Thanks for looking.


MarchAnn58 said...

Jan I love the Scaried cats pattern, I may have to pick that one up too. I'm glad I met you there, it was great fun to see what everyone was working on and the snacks were really good. I liked the mincedmeat cake the best. See you next week.

Elaine said...

Lovely new stash, happy stitching!