Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Itsy Bitsy Spiderr

I have really been zooming on the spider. All I have left are the orange swirls at the bottom, some french knots, and some backstitching. I think I can finish it this weekend (especially since we have the long weekend).

I had to stop and stitch something new for my exchange partner for the Seasonal Exchange because the first one never made it to the Netherlands. It's had 4 weeks to get there, so I stitched up something new and will finish it off and then I can mail it on Tuesday. I wonder where the other one ended up?

Everyone enjoy stitching this weekend.

Oh, and Gray thanks everyone for the comments. I think his head swelled a little bit after I read them to him.


Ineke said...

The spider is amazing! I love the way it's legs are designed and it's body. Looking forward to see it finished. Enjoy your long stitching weekend.

Nancy said...

Very nice stitching! Looking forward to seeing the finish!

MarchAnn58 said...

Love that spider Jan bring it down on our S & B can't wait to see it up close.

Faerie said...

Oh God I hate spiders >'< that stitching even gives me the creeps lol. However, as a stitchy piece it's looks lovely!

Glenna said...

Loving Gray AND the spider. You've made fabulous progress.

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Your stitching is great on the spider banner. You are the first stitcher that I know to stitch it.

Your header is awesome, I can still remember the mag where the cat patterns were published. Even now, you would not be able to tell they are decades old. Classics!

Love your kitty! How cute is he?? very. He looks like a really fun mommy's helper.

Enjoyed my stay! Can't wait to see your finished banner.