Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Stitch & Bitch

We had our monthly Stitch & Bitch at March's yesterday. March & I both stitched on our SAL piece. I finished the scissors across the top. We decided that we would chart our names and have them stitched before we meet next month.


After that I stitched on Bats some. I got a little more done on the side.

I didn't get as much done on this because a new piece was calling to me. I started Chatelaine's Chinese Garden Mandala on Saturday. Martina has put out seven parts to this so far. I hope to catch up eventually.

I love working with the silks on this one. However, she calls for two Edmar rayons and I really don't like working with them. They are clunky and twirl around too much. Hopefully they won't be used too much. Really dislike them!

Thanks for stopping by.


Karen said...

Looking good Jan! I know I wouldn't the patience to stitch one of the Mandela's....kudos to you!

happy stitching...

Susan said...

Great progress on everything. I was wondering about the EdMar - it's in one of my Chatelaines also and I am thinking of subbing it out with plain old DMC. Will lose the sheen, but also any headache.

Melanie said...

Looking good! :)