Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stitching Related

I won these on ebay this week. I don't know how "antique" they are, but they were made in Germany and look old. I got them for the top bid of $10.00. Not too shabby.

I've been working on MXI but the light really sucks right now so I'll try to take a picture tomorrow. I will finish it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something New

I started on Chatelaine's Autumn Watergarden last night. I love the pastel colors. I am still waiting for three Gloriana threads to come in. Of course two of them are used here in the first part. I'm working around them for now. Hope they come in soon! If you look closely you can see the over one stitching. I'm going to keep working on it tonight. I think I can finish it this weekend with the exception of the threads I'm missing and the beads.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I've been stitching on CtS and only have two and a half columns to do on page 1. It has a lot more black on it than I would have thought, but we'll see how it looks as it goes along.
I've been itching (hence the title of this blog) to start something else. I want to work on something smaller. I have several things lined up, I just need to decide which one.

You would not believe the craziness around here. All the bridges going into D.C. are going to be closed tomorrow to regular traffic. They are closing whole sections of the beltway. I only have to drive one exit on the highway, but I have no idea if it'll be backed up or not. I'm going to leave earlier than usual to get to work. I can always take back roads, but everyone else may be doing that also. My middle sister and her husband were actually able to score tickets to the inauguration. They will be in the standing section, but they will be there. They went out and got long underwear this weekend. LOL! It's going to be cold and when you have to walk about 2 miles to get to your section, well, that will be frigid.
I was watching the news this morning, and to illustrate how inane news people can be, in the list of things you are not allowed to take they includeed "weapons, knives, guns, explosives". Well, duh! Sometimes I wonder about people.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday Stitching

Went over to March's Saturday and had our monthly Stitch n Bitch. We both got quite a lot done on LHN HoN2. We figure by the month of March we should be done with the house and ready to move onto other parts of the pattern. I really love these LHNs.

After lunch we went to InStitches and bought some more stash. I got Peppermint Twist by Blue Ribbon Designs along with all the Week Dye Works threads and Just Nan's Autumn in the Square. Just what I need, more patterns! LOL.

In the evening I worked on Contemplating the System.I finally got to put in more that just black. There are about four or five browns and a couple maroons in there. Today it will be back to more black. Argh!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Birthday Stash!

I received a nice check from my MIL, so of course I had to go the the LNS and buy stash. I had seen Victoria Sampler's Jingle Bell Christmas Tree Farm done up on the wall and they were holding it for me. So I got it, the accessory packs, and fabric for it.

I also picked up her Little House Ornaments and Ink Circles Cirque des Carreaux.

Of course I also had to get the new Mirabilia's Venetian Opulence.
Afterward I came home, ordered Chinese to be delivered for lunch and then started stitching on HAED's Contemplating the System by Ciro Marchetti. Lots and lots of black.
There is nothing quite like a new start. I actually put about 1500 stitches in after this picture was taken.
DH took me to BestBuy and I got a new case for the laptop and a few games for my Nintendo DS. Then we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. All in all a very nice birthday. I've gotten to the age where I like quiet birthdays. LOL

Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh My!

I just received these wonderful gifts for my birthday (it's next Wednesday) from Michiko in Japan.These are Misuya needles. The come ten to a pack and there are six packs in the lovely little box. I can't wait to try these out. I'm so excited!

These lovely ladies are Kokeshi dolls. Michiko says that according to legend the dolls bring happiness. Well, we can all use happiness huh? I think they're working already. I am very happy today. A big thank you and hug to Michiko! I just love everything.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I have been stitching. And to prove it, here is part 11 of MXI. Just finished putting in the last stitches and I'm ready to go onto part 12. The last part! Hurrah!
Then I get to start the new one, Autumn Watergarden.

We didn't do anything last night for New Year's. It was cold and windy. We had 50 mph gusts. So we stayed in and I watched True Blood until almost 12, then we watched the ball fall in Times Square on TV. Not exciting, but warm and cuddly. Happy New Year everyone!