Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Finish

Last weekend in Roanoke I started Val's Stuff A Teenie Weenie Halloweenie. I only stitched about three letters. Yesterday was our monthly Stitch & Bitch at March's and I was able to finish all the words and one of the swirls. When I got home, I finished the rest of the stitching and attached the buttons. Quite a fast little piece to stitch. So here it is.
Ellen at In Stitches had warned me that stitching on the gray squares would be hard and boy was she right. It takes a little more concentration than when you are stitching on a regular even weave. It is so cute though. I think I am going to make it into a small pillow.

Thanks everyone for you wonderful comments and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trying to get my mojo back

I've been a little lax in my stitching lately, but last night was Stitch Night at In Stitches and I hope it's jump started me again. I worked on Thirteen Colonies and finished three of the stars in the border.
At least now I am assured that I have enough fabric and will not have to start again.

In Stitches is also having a sale. 20% off all Halloween patterns, fabric, fibers, etc. Well, you know me, I can't pass up a sale! There were two models up front and I fell in love with them. The first is Val's Stuff Teenie Weenie Halloweenie. I got the fabric and buttons to go along with it.
Now, the next one I would never have bought if I were to go by the picture on the pattern, but one of the customers had stitched it over one on I think 36 count and it looks great! It is A Mon Ami Pierre's Greetings Halloween. The fabric I purchased is not what they call for; it is 32 count. I plan to do it over one also.
I also picked up this fabric for Sleepy Hollow by Cross-Eyed Cricket (which I bought years ago). Once again, not what is called for, but the model in the shop was stitched on this and it looks fabulous.
If you want to see the models for all of these go here to the In Stitches blog. They have several others pictured also.
Okay, not on to laundry and some stitching!

Friday, May 13, 2011

It Finally Made It

The piece I did for the Seasonal Exchange finally made it to Mexico. I was beginning to worry, but Laura just posted that she received it. So, here it is.

It is a Danybrod pattern. I put Laura's initials on it. I have some more of her patterns. I would like to stitch them and I would like to do one of the bunny for me also.

Have a good stitching weekend.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TUSAL for May

Here is my offering this month. Quite a bit added. Must have been all that frogging!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Seasonal Exchange - Spring

I had a notice in the mail yesterday for the Post Office. I received my exchange from Laura for the Seasonal Exchange. It is absolutely adorable. I love the way she did the ribbon. I have yet to learn that technique. It is stitched so beautifully.

She also has a cute label attached to the back.

Now, as some of you read in my last post, I have re-started LHN'S Thirteen Colonies. Since I had to re-start I picked 40 ct. Lakeside linen Attic Lace. I like it better and I'm glad I had to re-start.

Thanks to everyone for the supportive comments.