Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Harvest is in!

Well, our little backyard garden finally yielded some veggies for us. First up is our carrots. The soil was definitely too hard for them so it took a long time for them to grow. DH is going to compost it more over the winter so next year it will be in better shape.

That is enough carrots to last a few weeks. Next up is our lima beans. Everyone told me they were hard to grow in our area. The bed we put them in is the one DH composted this past winter and they did fabulous.

Look at the size of those beans! Boy howdy, I am planting these again next year.

Now, on to the stitching. Yes I have stitched a little. I worked some on part 2 of LHN's Mystery.
I purchased part 3 yesterday, so I need to get off my keester and get this done. I do have another piece I'm working on that is almost finished. I just need to get the Kreinek's from my sister so I can complete it.

Thanks for stopping by!