Sunday, March 20, 2011


There has been so much going on here lately. First, my DH and I are re-doing part of our kitchen. Here you can see part of the new laminate counter-top he has put on. He has put on the other side since this picture was taken and re-mounted the sink. When he was putting the sink back in he found a huge hole in the drain, so off to the hardware store for new PVC plumbing pipes. After he finishes the counter, we are putting up new backsplash and painting the back walls. We plan on replacing all the cabinet doors. I am designing stained glass inserts for them. They will probably be our fall project. I told my husband no pressure. We'll just do a little at a time.

Weekend before last was my parents 65th wedding anniversary, so we went down to Roanoke where they are living with my oldest sister. Here is a pic of my dad and my husband, Sam. This is their apartment down in the basement. It is very nice. My sister even had one of those stair chairs put in so dad can ride it to the upstairs.

On our way back we took one of the side roads instead of the interstate because it was packed with tractor trailers. We saw a sign for a covered bridge and took a little side trip to see it. It is at Weems Bottom. Great name huh? It is the only covered bridge in Virginia that still has vehicular traffic going across it.
Next up, the flowers. Sam decided since he was working so hard on the kitchen, he deserved a reward. Said reward is a new Gibson guitar. Said reward has a price tag four digits long! He knew he was in the doghouse so he sent me these flowers. They are just too funny and everyone in the office has gotten a good laugh out of them.
Yes, they do look like a puppy.
Finally, on to the stitching. Yes, I have done some. On Wednesday at InStitches, I completed the red square and snowflake.
Yesterday at March's for our monthly Stitch n Bitch I completed the yellow square. I had started the one below it and had the outline done, when I noticed that I used the wrong color red. DUH! So I ended up frogging that. Before I worked on this March and I worked on the SAL piece we chose for this year. It is Carriage House Samplings Tavern Signs Too. We actually started last month but I forgot to post it. So here is where I ended yesterday.
Well, that's it, stitching fans. I have done a little on the Astronomer, but no picture of that. Now I am off to do laundry and then hopefully a little more stitching.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

TUSAL for March

Here is my TUSAL for March. Had some added since last time.

Here is page 5 of The Astronomer. It took me a little longer to finish as there was a fair amount of confetti stitching.

Thanks for looking.