Tuesday, January 23, 2018


We lost our beautiful boy Gray today. His kidneys pretty much shut down. Gray was born in the crawlspace under our house almost 18 years ago. We had captured all his siblings and even his mother and taken them to the shelter, but he was the last one. My husband would sit on the porch and tempt him with tuna. One day he just walked in through the front door and never left. As he was feral it took many years before he would even let us pick him up. We still had two females at the time and they used to beat the crap out of him when they felt like it. Eventually he was the last cat standing. He turned into a real love bug once he was the only cat in the house. He loved to be petted and brushed. My husband and Gray had a nightly routine. Gray would came stare at him around 8:30 every night and Sam would go into the bedroom with him and brush him. As the years went by he became more loving and open. The only thing he really hated was going to the vets. Oh my he could scream like you never heard from a cat before. They even said he was infamous. They could tell when he arrived because they could here him all the way in the back. He's in kitty heaven now with his aunts and uncles.  I love you Gray.