Sunday, August 26, 2018

Lots of Smaller Projects

Well, here we are just about at the end of August. I guess I better do an update. I completed several projects in July & August so, here we go.

LHN Winter ABCs
Close up of Winter ABCs

Shepherd's Bush Little Witch
Shepherd's Bush Trick or Treat

Plum Street Sampler Merry Ewe

I am now working on TraLaLa's Alice. I am stitching her on 32 ct Vanilla Latte from Hand Dyed by Stephanie. Love this fabric. I'm also using the DMCs listed except the blue for her dress. I substituted a variegated Victoria Motto. The tag doesn't have a color name so I can's tell you which one it is. The DMC color the pattern called for was 415 which to me is a gray not a blue and we all know Alice's dress is blue.

Another one I want to start I just got in the mail this weekend. I laughed because my husband got the mail in and called out that I had "stitchy mail". Got him well trained! This is a limited edition Plum Street Sampler only available from Dyeing To Stitch in Virginia Beach. I called last week and asked if they had any left after seeing it on Instagram and luckily they did. So chuffed to have gotten it.

Well, this is the longest post I've had in a while. Maybe if I posted more often they would be shorter. I'm posting a lot of WIPs on Instagram. If you want to see those you can follow me there under the name brutcherjan. Don't know why/how it came out that way but that's the name.

Thanks for stopping by!