Monday, March 10, 2008


This is how FoS looks after the SAL this weekend. I put almost 4000 stitches in. I can't believe how fast I can stitch on this. Why can't I stitch that fast on other pieces? I'm going back to Chatelaine's Mystery XI tomorrow. Hopefully I can make some headway on it. I had trouble getting started on part 3. Needed some motivation. I also need to sneak in the needle roll that Michelle sent me. She was really nice to pass it on to me.

Sears delivered my new washer today. Woohoo! Now I can wash clothes again. Isn't it sad when getting an appliance is exciting?

I went for a job interview last Monday; haven't heard anything, but I know it takes a while for reference checks. I'm not holding my breath. It would be nice though.

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