Monday, March 17, 2008

Half Way There

I finally finished half of part 3! This is a monster to stitch, but it looks so great when I get parts done. It is so sparkely. Of course part 4 will probably be posted by the time I finish the rest of part 3. The weird thing is I had a dream about this piece last night. I dreamed that I got this far and realized that my material wasn't large enough. I woke up a 4:44 am and almost went out to check on it! I waited until the morning though. It's fine, but I was freaking out over a dream. Now that is a stitching obsession.

1 comment:

missievondragon said...

I like your progress pictures for part 3. I should do a couple of those myself.

I see you are a fellow NCIS fan! I have the DVDs for all the past seasons and have watched them many times while stitching.