Monday, March 3, 2008

More Mystery XI

I finally got some stitching done on this today. I did nothing on it yesterday. Sam and I went to the garden center to get birdseed and looked at some plants on Sunday so no stitching done then. There is a lot of counting on this. I've counted over eighty stitches in one row. Sam looked at it on Saturday and declared it one of the prettiest I've ever done. He wants to hang it in the bedroom when I finish it. He's shown interest before but never as much as on this one. It's a lot of work, but Martina's designed a masterpiece here. Now all I need to do is dye the fabric for St. Petersburg, buy all the fibers, etc, etc. Oh, and Martina posted a pic of the new piece coming out this summer, the Harem. Too many pieces to stitch! I'll never stitch them all. But as my friend March used to say "there's patterns for stitching and patterns for collecting". That's me, I'm a collector. Lol


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