Sunday, May 17, 2009

I really am alive

Though the last two weeks it felt like I was just barely alive. I have the full blown bronchitis which has me feel like I'm hacking up a lung. I didn't touch my needle for a least a week. I finally picked it up again this past Wednesday. No pictures right now, maybe later. We did go see Star Trek - TWICE! Yes, it is that good. Now, keep in mind that when the original series debuted I was about 8 years old, firmly in place in front of the TV with my brother and sister. We never missed an episode the whole three years it was on. I have watched every incarnation of Trek. I grew up with the freakin' franchise. I am a SciFi geek. Really, you should see my house. I have phasers and tricorders, aliens, all sorts of paraphernalia around the house. So as someone who sees herself as a Trekker (not Trekkie, that's just insulting) I can say that I loved this movie. Zachary Quinto is perfect as Spock and Chris Pine is fabulous as Kirk. The one who really steals the show for me is Karl Urban as McCoy. OMG, he was so great and funny. I've seen him in a lot of movies and he was so different from any other role I've seen him do. So, if you've been on the fence about this movie, go see it. I think you'll be surprised.


Daffycat said...

I can never stitch when I'm ill either. I hope you're feeling better now!

We finally saw Star Trek yesterday and it was fab. I wouldn't mind going again! ROFLOL...I have a chirping tribble!!!

Arthemise said...

I loved the movie too. Next Gen is my Star Trek, so didn't mind them redoing Classic Trek. I'm a sci-fi geek too, though I've gotten rid of all the toys and such I used to collect. Just no room!

Annie said...

So sorry about the bronchitis. Hopefully it will clear up soon if it hasn't already. It's no fun to be sick in spring.

I'm no Star Trek fan, but I'm glad you found something to take you mind off coughing!

CindyMae said...

I can not wait to see the movie, may have to wait for DVD though, but oh well!

Angela P said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well but happy to hear you are recovering :) I saw and loved Star Trek too! I thought McCoy was perfect and he had me in stitches!

Ranae said...

I want to see that movie!!
There just seems never to be enough time for the fun things anymore:(
I hope you are feeling better to pick up that needle soon
Take care!!

Cindy F. said...

Jan, I hope you are feeling much better very soon!

We went to see Star Trek and we LOVED it too!!! Best prequel of any movie I've seen! and the actors were awesome!

Glenna said...

I grew up with Star Trek too--I'm about your age, I'd say. It never really did it for me though. BF, on the other hand, is a super fan (I never knew the difference between Trekkie and Trekker). So I haven't seen the movie, but he has--and he said about the same things about it that you did. Also, that he's relieved, because it means they'll keep making more Trek movies.

I'm sorry about the bronchitis--really the summer ones are the worst.

I'd heard about Scarlet Thread & got their sale/closing email, but I never did make it out there. I visited a couple of times when they were down the street from my bunny vet in Vienna, but Great Falls was just too far, which I suspect may have been one of the problems.