Sunday, December 20, 2009

Told Ya

We had snow. This is what my Jeep looked like this morning.

And this is our holly tree. It is under there somewhere. We had to shovel out this morning because I had to go into work for the payroll. We have to print the checks tomorrow since Friday is the holiday. Everyone is off Monday. Even the Federal government is off. So my DH gets to stay home and I have to go in. Not fair!

I finally finished my LHN ornament. I added a yellow bead in the lantern. I thought the candle needed a flame. I just need to make it into an ornament.

Stay warm everyone.


Annie said...

It's a shock to the system, isn't it? I live in a high-rise, but I even have a 14 inch snow drift on my balcony!

Sorry you have to work today. Take care and have a very happy holiday.

Andrea said...

Good job you have a jeep! A lovely finish.
Merry Christmas!

Angela P said...

That's alot of snow! We only have a dusting up here but it is snowing today! The ornament finish looks pretty too :)

Karen said...

Wish we had gotten just a little bit but nothing but rain in SC.

Love your finish!

Daffycat said...

Ooo, the snow is gorgeous, Jan. But what a pain to go out in!

Your stitching is lovely!