Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spider Update

I've been able to put a few hours of stitching in the last couple of nights. I counted up from where I started to the upper left corner and have put a lot of white in. There are only 4 colors in this.

 I am so happy to have my stitching mojo in place again. After the last three weeks at work, almost all 12 hour days and some weekend hours, I really need to stitch as my stress relief. We've been re-aligned from the Philly office to the New York office and they want everything their way. They took my billing position, moved it to NY and made me the Accounts Payable person. There were 5 people in Philly doing this job. Now, there's just me. See the problem with the math there? I am swamped and overwhelmed every single day. Yesterday my supervisor comes running in and and drops another "rush" job on my desk. After she left I was cussing under my breath. I mean, when am I suppose to do my work if I'm doing special projects. ARGH! It is so frustrating! Oh well, enough venting. Time for bed.

Thanks for stopping by.


MarchAnn58 said...

Welcome back MoJo hope you stay around for a long while. The web is looking great Jan. You made a great choice with that pattern.

Nancy said...

Glad your MOJO is back! It is so unfair what employers are asking of their employees these can one person possibly do the work of 5?! Totally unfair to you. Try and hang in there.