Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stash & Stitch

Wednesday night was our stitching night at In Stitches. They had new patterns from the Baltimore show, so of course I had to buy some. First up is Ink Circles Celtic Beasties: Halloween or Knot and Blackbird Designs Casting a Spell.
Next up is my absolute favorite. The shop had the model there and it is so colorful. It is Prairie Moon Bone Cheeks.

After my shopping time in the shop, I got down to stitching. Actually, I got down to frogging out the middle web. Oh, well, it had to be done, so where better than the stitch night? Lots of people to talk to while doing that chore. So here is the latest piccie of Spider Banner.

Well, I must go on to my Saturday chores.

Have a good stitching weekend.


gracie said...

What a web!
What is the name of the Woman piece in your last post...I would love to find it.

Kaisievic said...

Some nice design choices there, Jan.

Glenna said...

I agree with you--if you have to unstitch, stitch night is the best time to do it. I like your new stash! The skull is growing on me.