Sunday, November 6, 2011

CG Update

Well, I finished the regular cross stitches and started on the back stitching and specialty stitches. Part 1 is getting closer to being finished.
That's all I really have to show. I did some stitching on Bats, but no real piccies to show. I did make a great big ole heaping potful of beef stew in the crock pot today. It came out really well. I put up one container for DH to take for lunch tomorrow. The rest I'll be freezing for later in the winter.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope you all had a good stitching weekend.


Susan said...

Great progress. This is one I probably won't do, but I have been known to change my mind - especially after seeing progress pics.

Minnie said...

That stew sounded really good, almost makes me want to cook. Your stitching is beautiful as ever.

Joysze said...

Hi Jan, I saw the pic of your CG on Thea's blog. I'm stitching this too and it's always so much fun to see other stitchers' pics as well.

Your Part 1 looks fantastic. :D