Monday, February 25, 2013

February WIPocalypse

Here are my offerings for February. It being a short month, I don't feel like a got a lot done.

Hardanger - After

Hardanger - Before

Sorry the pictures aren't better for the hardanger, but cream on cream is hard to photograph.

Peacock Tapestry - Before
Peacock Tapestry - After

I also started and finished a little something this month. I desperately needed to stitch something small and fast. So I printed out one of the Pears from Samplers & Santas which can be found here. I think I'm going to stitch one of these every once in a while when I need to do something small. That's the problem with doing so many BAPS.
I used Victorian Motto for the gold and green and Crescent Colors for the blue. I have been wanting to try the VM floss and I was very happy with them.

Thanks for stopping by!



Debbie said...

Your February progess is great! Look forward to seeing your March updates.

Lynn said...

I think you made great progress on your Peacock Tapestry! This is such a huge piece.
I also printed and saved all the pear charts. I'm hoping to try one of these in the coming year.

MarchAnn said...

Everything looks great Jan and PT has legs. Hardanger is really coming along.

Wendy said...

you made loads of progress! Love the little tree

Kasey said...

You've had amazing progress! I love your work!

Susan said...

Great progress on everything. I have a hardanger piece coming up next in my rotation - except that I keep finding reasons to not switch my current piece.

Keebles said...

Looks like you got tons done! Congrats!