Sunday, February 10, 2013

TUSAL for February

It's that time again. You will see mostly perle cotton for the hardanger I'm doing. There are a few threads threads the Peacock in there too.

The hardanger piece is coming along quite nicely. I am almost done with the kloster blocks and then on to the satin stitches.

Yesterday a couple of the ladies who go to stitch night, Helen and Connie, came over and we stitched the day away. I worked on PT. I don't know how much longer I can work on it before I have to go to something else. The combination of blended threads and quarter stitches are going to drive me up the wall pretty soon.
I'm trying to do some of the back stitching as I go along. There is a boatload of back stitching. Oh well it's not like I don't have anything else to work on. LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!



MarchAnn said...

PT looks wonderful Jan and the hardanger is really coming along.

Annie said...

That PT stitching looks really intense. Gorgeous work, but I don't know how you can persevere through it. I'm jealous!

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

As someone who has just finished a Wentzler design, I can only whole-heartedly support you on your "backstitching as you go" plan.

I also have paper bobbins that I use to store my blends on. I have a look to see how much of a blend I will be doing and then create several cuts of the blends, which I wind onto the "blend" bobbin. Anything to save time on a Wentzler is worth doing, in my humble opinion.

I hear you though, after a while of working on nothing but a Wentzler, it's enough to make you descend into a child-like tantrum of frustration. I understand. I SOOO understand.

Your hardanger is beautiful. One of these days I will attempt hardanger. (Or so I keep telling myself.)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ooooh keep motoring through with PT its spectacular!!!

AnaCristina said...

Hi Jan!

Here is my February TUSAL...this month's ORTs include lots from my christmas ornaments 2013.

Nicola said...

Your patience and perseverance with your Peacock is to be admired. It will be so worth it in the end.

Anne said...

Hello, my Dear! I've come to you from The "Grow Your Blog" was over before I knew about it, but it was so nice of Vicki to leave the list up! Anyway, I always welcome new blogs to enjoy, and yours is delightful! I am now following you ~ please come and visit me if you get a chance!
So nice to "meet" you!

Minnie said...

Your PT is a monster challenge and your are doing great on it, but I love the Hardanger and can hardly wait to see more.