Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was dusting my lamp and thought I would post some of my glass work. I haven't been doing enough to have a blog just about my glass. The lamp is the first Tiffany style I made. Donna at Virginia Stained Glass taught me. I used the Worden form and the Apple Blossom pattern.

The pineapple is my first attempt at painting and then fusing the glass. Sam bought my the paints for Christmas from Delphi Glass. As you can see I am no painter. Probably why I stitch and do glass. I am a crafter, not an artist. The Medusa is adapted from a painting by Barry Windsor-Smythe. I did this years ago and it hangs in our hallway. It is constructed by copper foil. This is one of my favorite glass mediums. Okay, that's enough for today. I'll post more glasswork later. I must go stitch on MXI now.


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Sandra said...

That lamp is perfect! I love Tiffany lamps. The design is lovely and the colors are superb!