Monday, August 18, 2008

Gift for Mommy

Here I was this afternoon, stitching away on FoS, when my furbaby Gray called for my attention. He had a gift for me. A little mouse. Well, imagine my surprise! I praised him appropriately, telling him what a good cat and hunter he is (all the while trying to move him away from said mouse). I got the dustpan and broom and scooped Mr. Mousie in to the pan, only to find he was not quite all the way gone yet. I took him out the back door and flung him as far away as I could. In the meantime, Gray is sniffing the spot he left his gift and can't find it. He lays down right on that spot and starts pouting because his toy is gone. What a crazy cat! I had to call my DH and tell him and while talking to him I figured something out. If Gray is the Gray Mouser, than that makes DH Fafhrd the Barbarian (DH is blonde, Germanic, large, etc.)!

(I believe the artwork is by Michael Whelan)


Arthemise said...

I thought that picture looked familiar! I think it's the cover for one of my Fritz Leiber books. What a good Gray Mouser you have.

Angela said...

My first cat brought me home a Crow one time, I had no idea how she got it in her mouth but she was very pleased with herself.