Friday, August 29, 2008

Part 8 Finally

Finally put the last stitches on part 8 of FoS. I am really loving this piece more and more. I finally got to put in something besides blue or green in. The next page will show the face. I can't wait!

On the stash front, I bought a Linda Ravenscroft from ABC and it came in the mail today. It's great that HAED gets to chart them again, but they don't get to sell them directly because LR won't let them and has them distributed through Colray. So, you have to buy a hard copy from an LNS or ONS. I miss getting the pattern in pdf form. I got Moonstones. You can see it here.


Angela said...

I love watching your progress on this fabulous piece, you sure do have TONS of patience! Fantastic stitching.

stitchinfiend said...

Great job. It sure is exciting stitching faces. Moonstones is a great pattern and I like you am glad to see Linda Ravenscroft's artwork being cahrted

Ginnie said...

This has progressed well. Looking forward to seeing the faces emerging!

Annie said...

This piece is really shaping up nicely. And I love your new purchase! Bet you can't wait to start it.

Michiko said...

WOW!! You have started stitching with another colours. I'm sure it makes you so happy!!
I don't think you will get tired of stitching the greens and blues in the future.
Revenscroft's Moonstones is so gorgeous!! I love it!!

MarchAnn58 said...

Wonderful, wonderful Jan it is looking great. I can't wait till I get that far on The Untold Story.
Moonstones is beautiful, when are you going to work that into the rotation??